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​​​Earl and Theresa have been singing gospel music for almost three decades. For the last several years they have been in full time pastoral ministry, as they continue serving in this ministry role, they will once again be accepting engagements that will be scheduled in conjunction with their church responsibilities

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Earl is a native from the great state of Tennessee and is an accomplished musician in his own right. Theresa is originally from the state of Illinois, now your probably asking yourself, how in the world did those two meet being from two different states  I guess you could say they met in the middle and it must have been "Love at first sight".

Theresa, having a love for singing gospel music, attended the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY. The event was six days long and she was there all six days.  Theresa quotes, " I remember on Wednesday night of NQC, I went to the upper level of the auditorium and sat by myself to watch the McGruder's perform.  I felt so lonely and I remember praying and asking the Lord to send me someone. They started singing"His Grace is Sufficient"  and I knew the Lord would somehow fulfill my lonliness, but I didn't realize how fast He was going work.       

Two days later on Friday evening after everyone was leaving for the evening, Earl and Theresa met eyes and started talking at the front entrance of Freedom Hall They exchanged phone numbers and Earl called her two days later. After a few months of long distant phone calls and short visits, Earl and Theresa married five month's later on February 18, 1995.

In 1997 they experienced the loss of their first born son Isaac Earl Wyatman Young lll, due to complications during delivery.  Although that was a very difficult time, through their loss they have been able to minister and help  couples who have gone through this similar trial.

It was two more years before they were able to have another baby, but on June 11, 1999 along came Noah Addison Earl Young, who is now 16 an is the drummer for Earl and Theresa. 

Then  Samuel Isaac Young came along on October 19, 2001. Samuel plays bass guitar.

After experiencing a miscarriage, The Lord blessed them with yet another baby boy, on November 17, 2006  Benjamin Mathew Young came into the world.

But the Lord was still preparing their hearts for future ministry. in 2008 -2009 Theresa experienced two more miscarriages, with great pain from these losses they did not give up on believing that the Lord would send them another baby; on September 28, 2010 little Jonathan Andrew Young was born.

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